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Squid Game: Tug Of War at Abcya com is inspired by the movie Squid Game - a most popular game in recent times. This film has created a craze among young people and lovers of horror and drama genres. The graphics of this game bear the imprint of Squid Game with the powerful red shirt and black hat character.

Besides, the player is also the character in the movie. These characters are all displayed on the screen and any character that loses is immediately eliminated by the computer. Squid Game: Tug Of War at Abcya online is a deadly tug of war. If any team loses, they will be blown up and fall into the pit of death.

Each turn, each team will have 3 members and you have to control your team to pull the opponent's team towards you. In Squid Game: Tug Of War, you can choose 1 of 2 styles with 1 player or 2 players. You can invite your friends to explore this fascinating game and show off your talents. This game is extremely simple when you only need to control 2 buttons on the keyboard to pull the opponent towards you. The team with the most number of members remaining will win in the end.

In particular, the music of this game is extremely stimulating and makes you feel like in a real race. Are you ready to explore the world fever game of the past few days? If you love to discover another fascinating tug of war game, don't forget to visit the website at https://abcya.club/ and explore other games such as Squid Game Fighting

Control: Click vào the W key or the arrow up to play the game.