Squid Game Fighting GamePlay:

Another game inspired by the Squid Game movie series is here at Abcya 2021 club. However, you won’t join in six games played in Squid Game. Instead, it’s a classic fighting game that features some characters of the movie series. To start, you choose your favorite character from 2 options including Doll and Bodyguard. Each of them has different stats. So make sure you look at their stats before making a choice.

Your ultimate objective is to defeat every single enemy wearing the green outfit in the thrilling action-packed battles. They will come from different directions and try to beat you. Make use of your street fighting techniques to knock down enemies and leave them no chance to stay alive. You can pick up weapons on the ground and use them to bash your opponents. Each level requires you to defeat a specific number of enemies. Once you finish them off, you can move to the next level.

Like other fighting games on https://abcya.club/, you have to combine attack and defense to get as far as possible. While you are under attack, try to cover yourself to avoid getting damage and waiting for your chance to counterattack. You are easily defeated when being attacked by several green men. Therefore, make sure you distance them and finish them off one by one. When you are dealing with the enemies in front of you, be wary of the enemy in your back.

As you level up, you face more enemies. Then, be well-prepared and get ready for encounters. Street fighting games are never boring. Have fun and let’s have a look at other games such as Maria Adventure and Christmas Run.

Controls: Arrow keys to move, Z/X to attack, C to defend, and Space to jump.