Maria Adventure GamePlay:

Maria Adventure at abc ya games is an incredibly sweet journey of a child. A world of cakes, milk, stars, and ice cream cones everywhere. Your task is to help this boy overcome all challenges and obstacles to win a lot of food. I believe this game will conquer you at first sight with its lovely graphics. A pink world with funny images will help players immerse themselves in that wonderful space.

Many obstacles will appear on the way in Maria Adventure at abc game, you will have to jump through the black holes by earning many hearts to increase strength. Otherwise, you will not be able to jump over the wide hole with just your ability. Don't forget to collect stars on the way and gifts like candy, ice cream, or hearts to increase your speed and strength.

In particular, in each round of the game, you will have to complete the given goals and play at more difficult levels. Maria Adventure will be divided into different levels with the difficulty level will be significantly increased. For this game, you should play on your phone or tablet because you can touch the screen to control the character. Everything will be easy and full of fun when you just touch the screen and everything will move. Do you love this game?

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How to play? You can use the arrows or WAD to run right, run left or jump through obstacles on the way.

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