Christmas Run GamePlay:

Are you looking forward to Christmas? This is a special occasion for people to rest, meet and talk together. During this Christmas, you can participate in a very interesting game together as Christmas Run at free abcya games. You will be lost in a colorful Christmas world with sweets and gifts everywhere. Santa and his reindeer will be full of interesting gifts for everyone.

In this game, you will play the role of old man none and your task is to run as fast as possible to collect many candies, stars, gifts to give to many children. A block of rock will chase you and will collide with you if you don't speed up on the track. Do your best to collect as many candies as possible in Christmas Run at https://abcya.club/. They will help you increase the time and turn each time you are defeated.

Whenever you encounter obstacles such as candles, rocks, or wooden blocks overhead, you must avoid them by all means such as jumping high or bowing. Obstacles will appear everywhere and the density will thicken the longer you run. Besides, the speed of the game will also increase a lot and you will have to control Santa to run fast before the stone block rolls over you.

An interesting point of Christmas Run is the extremely eye-catching graphics with vivid images such as candy, stars, snow, and pine trees everywhere. This will bring you an extremely warm and happy Christmas space. Do you want to experience some other similar games? Try to play Dino Meat Hunt Dry Land.

How to play? Use arrows to jump or avoid blocks or tap directly on the screen.

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