Dino Meat Hunt Dry Land GamePlay:

Dino Meat Hunt Dry Land brings you back to the prehistoric era in which you will join 2 dinosaurs in their hunting adventure. Don’t worry because there is nothing related to bleeding or violence. At Abc ya com, you need to help 2 dinosaurs to collect meat and fruit to fill their empty stomach. This is a game for 2 players. If you can invite one of your friends to play game with you, then your gaming experience is more interesting. However, you can control both characters by yourself.

There are 20 levels in total and to complete each level, you have to collect every piece of meat and fruit, then reach the exit. Two dinosaurs need to work together. They need each other to have a successful hunting adventure. Each of them has a special skill. The little one can do something that the big one can’t and the big one can do something that the little one can’t. By working together, they will achieve a common goal.

On https://abcya.club/, the big dino can pull out the fire while the little one will lose his life if it touches fire. The little one can swim and when it gets into the water, a bridge will appear. When one of two dino dies, they have to restart their adventure. Besides the deadly traps, the dinosaurs also have to face many other challenges like humans and wild animals.

Both dinosaurs can kill enemies by attacking them or jump on their heads. The big dire can kick the target while the little one can breathe fire. Have fun with them and try out other games such as Super Mario Assassin and Skate Rush Challenge.

Controls: Little dino uses WASD to move, G to attack, and S to teleport. Big dino uses arrow keys to move, L to attack, and down arrow key to teleport.

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