Ship Simulator GamePlay:

Ship Simulator is a free online ship navigation game by abcya new games 2019. Read your captain James' orders and try to complete each and every task collecting all kinds of items and fuel on your way to increase your ship's performance. Move the camera around to have a wide view and navigate carefully from one country to another to complete your missions.

Navigate your ship in a realistic and detailed open world map and complete missions in many of the iconic port cities around the Mediterranean. Share them if you feel it is necessary for other online game players. Each game you participate in will help you after every learning hour. Relax and show off your skills in this new game.

We also help you join many other similar games in your free time like Lake Fishing at http://abcya.club. Please update them as quickly as possible.


Use the WASD to throttle / rudder

Use the mouse to view

C to change camera

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