Dinasaur Hunt GamePlay:

Appear in a large forest there will be many animals appearing in this place. Luckiness will come to you in the game Dinasaur Hunt at Abcya adventure games. All of them are your prey. But the first thing you need to do is hunt them. Is this simple? It’s not that simple because these animals appear very little and they can sense your presence and smell it while you’re on the move. So don’t make any noise, but slow down as carefully as possible.

Don't let the sounds make noise and this is not good for you they will run away. Try to gently and skillfully move to the place where they appear and attack quickly. Collect all the little animals and dinosaurs in this forest to become your prey. Kill everything within your limits. Please master the green forest but not all of them can destroy you. You watch and reflexes much more agile.

Kill all the wild animals of the era. The game is counting time, let’s focus on the game and move quickly to conquer all the goals in this forest. Hurry when you see prey appear so you don’t miss this wonderful opportunity. Hunt all the animals in the forest to earn yourself the highest score. Experience in a forest full of attractions. Attack everything and destroy your limits in the game.

Please share this game Dinasaur Hunt at http://abcya.club/ with your friends. Invite your friends to join the game to become the most professional hunting dinosaurs. Have fun further into a few other similar hunting game genres Clickventure: Castaway

Control: Use the arrow keys to be able to move your dinosaur.

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