Clickventure: Castaway GamePlay:

Find a lot of items to help you fight in the best way. Your intelligence will be shown in this game. Enjoy now on the game Clickventure: Castaway at Abcya online games to have fun online together for free without having to worry about anything. You are riding a very peaceful boat in the open ocean. But unfortunately, your boat is having a big storm and it swept away the boat.

Your life is also in danger, but you are lucky to be a survivor. When you woke up you were on a deserted island with no people. How can you escape from this place? This depends on your wisdom. You need to search for a lot of useful items on the deserted island to find your way out. Around you, there are both friendly and unfriendly creatures.

Be careful with all of them they will be dangerous at any moment. Link your thoughts together with the useful items you find. Escape back to the mainland with your agile brain. Many things trap you, be careful to keep yourself safe. This level is unlocked as you escape the deserted island. Observe, do not miss any items. This is so bad you will not be able to successfully finish the game. Have fun with one of the most fun puzzle games ever.

Invite your friends to join this game Clickventure: Castaway at http://abcya.club/ to experience survival on a desert island together. You will have more skills by allowing yourself to participate in some other types of games such as Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters.

Control: Use the mouse to be able to search a lot of items.

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