Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters GamePlay:

Carrying your enemies and throwing them into the abyss is exactly what you need to do in the game Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters at Abcya boys games. Interesting, right? Join this game you will have a chance to become a giant with health that no one can match. Appears in a very small area below that is full of deep pools. Your goal is to throw all the enemies that have appeared around you by picking up enemies. How much revenge can you conquer?

This depends on your skills. Try not to let them beat you, but you need to take the initiative in this fight. Watch together and be quick to take advantage of a good chance to plunge at your enemies and then you will be able to throw them down. Each time you destroy an enemy you will be prepared with a high score and the chance to become the best player. Let’s try to be the last man surviving in this fight.

You will become a giant in health that no one can beat. You are interesting, right? If you are impressed with this then let’s use your wisdom to quickly show up in the game to bring yourself different colors. Immerse yourself in this colorful music and you will immediately love it. The sound effects are also very vivid it’s a basic control game so you’ll get addicted the first time you join.

The more interesting thing in the game Fall Boys: Stupid Fighters at http://abcya.club/ invites your friends to join the game to find the best possible fun together. Explore a few more similar game genres.

Control: Use the mouse to be able to move your character.

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