Stick War: Infinity Duel GamePlay:

Discover fun attacks when participating in the online game Stick War: Infinity Duel at Abcya fighting games. Are you ready to do lots of surprises and join the fun battle? Try to conquer all the new challenges in this game. A fun war game that begins with a stickman character. Grab the gun dropped from the air, aim and destroy the enemy stickman.

Weapons will drop on the field during a certain time in the game. Grab a position, fast to take down your enemies. Some tracks are moving, keep your balance and try not to fall. Focus your attention and let your only goal be to collect weapons and kill your enemies. You can also play stick war with your school friends with the 2 player option. You will love this game with its brand new and lively interface.

All that fun will be present in the online game Stick War: Infinity Duel at https://abcya.club/. It's exciting and fun! The gameplay is very simple and rich. You will feel even more of the element of surprise. We can completely defeat the remaining opponents. Carry out the exact weapons looting, it is necessary to hang on to avoid the enemy. All defense and combat skills must be very carefully concentrated. You have to practice exactly that. Try to earn a variety of weapons and fight professionally. Experience more new challenges.

Play this new version with your friends. The game has many levels. Explore all the levels and play some more games similar to Stick Transform.

Instructions: Player 1: move with arrow keys, shoot with L; Player 2: move with WASD key, shoot with the F key.

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