Jump high so you can ignore many of the traps below and rise above the floors bringing back lots of stars. This is wonderful, isn’t it? Hurry up and enjoy the game and find yourself a lot of the interesting things only in this game The Wisp at Abcya adventure games you will control your round ball character jump up on the floors above to help. It collects stars and makes a pair of wings soar in the heavens. Then you will be able to complete the given level.

Lots of body levels behind are followed by deadly pitfalls that hinder you. You must not touch let jump and observe the most accurate one. Helping your character fly accurately is a tricky thing. Moreover, you can combine many different skills such as observing and collecting stars. Do you feel confused when participating in this quest? But if you have the skills everything is very simple at your fingertips.

With an extremely unique graphic design with funny sound, you will be attracted by the game from the first time participating. Make a very high jump in this space without worrying about anything. You just need to focus on the adventure to relieve a lot of the stress. No matter how difficult it is, focus on the game to get through it all. Keep your character with the safest wings and soar in the heavens. Great with this new gameplay, right?

Do not forget to join your friends in this game The Wisp at http://abcya.club/ together to become the players with a skillful skill to control the safest character. Remember to allow yourself to explore other similar adventure games Game Bubble pop Adventures


Use the arrow keys to jump high with the ball.

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Rating: 4.0/5