Car vs Missile GamePlay:

Car vs Missile is about driving like many driving games out there. However, the special thing about it is that it puts you into a battle where you have to handle missiles and you don’t have any chance to stop. At free abcya games, stop means death. From a top-down perspective, the town looks beautiful and peaceful. However, within that peace lies a deadly danger. You are being chased by missiles while driving. You have to run away from them before it’s too late.

When you get damaged by 3 missiles, you die. You are in a passive position because you don't have any way to destroy those missiles. You can only run away. However, you can get some help from power-ups. You have to find them is the point. Just look at the signs and you will know what to do next. Missiles are indicated with the red arrow. Coins are indicated with the yellow arrow. Power-ups are indicated with the blue arrow.

On https://abcya.club/, drive toward the yellow and blue arrows to collect coins and get three useful power-ups including Shield, Life, and Destroy. When you see any red arrows appear, just change the direction and run away from them as far as possible. Missiles come from all directions. Because the effect of those power-ups just lasts for a few seconds. Therefore, you also need to collect coins to upgrade them to increase their duration. Besides, coins are also used to buy new cars in the store.

The more expensive the car, the higher the speed, and speed is the deciding factor in every escape. Break a leg and if you need some time to rest, let’s check out Jeep Driver and Cargo Jeep Racing.

Instructions: WASD to drive.

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