Clash Blade IO GamePlay:

Use your sword to slash all of your opponents in this playground. Would you like to start right now into the game Clash Blade IO at Abcya games. Rest assured that you can participate in this game without paying any money. You will appear in a challenge with hundreds of your opponents. Your goal is to destroy them all. But if you are smaller than them they cannot be destroyed. So you need to collect the colorful crystals along the way.

Please collect them diligently to help make the size bigger. Only after that can you fight. Your opponents will spin and slash swords at you. Avoid this so you don’t stop the game. Then you wait for the opportunity to be able to destroy hundreds of your opponents. The game with extremely new challenges will keep you more entertained. Feel free to move around in the land of your doing the things you like.

Experience the most entertaining battle ever. Challenging adventure of the game full of fun and excitement. With extremely simple but stylish graphic design, vivid sound. You will be attracted to the game from the first time you join. Try to beat hundreds of your opponents to climb to the top of the rankings.

Discover the fascinating things in this new gameplay in the game Clash Blade IO at http://abcya.club/. What if you shared this game with your friends? Join your friends right now in the game to become brave professional fighters. Test your fighting skills for a few other similar game genres like HelixJump.io

How to play: Use mouse to be able to slash opponents.

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