Collision Pilot GamePlay:

Help the block fly over this space and destroy many other opponents' blocks. Would you be lucky enough to keep yourself safe in the end? To know this, please join now Collision Pilot at Abcya survival games quickly. Good luck! You will control a black block that moves in the white land. But every time you move there will be blocks of opponents moving along and they are rushing at you.

So you need to avoid them and move wisely. While you can collect items useful for you while you can dodge the attacks of others. It’s hard, right? To be able to combine these two when it requires you a very great skill. You will have to combine your agility observation. If you are slow, the opponent will collide with you. Then you will have to use the game immediately.

You can unlock lots of different blocks on new levels. The more behind, the more difficult the challenge will be. Don’t worry, let’s be careful and focus on this game. Controls this game well become the leader of the playing field where no one can destroy you. A lot of interesting things are only in this new gameplay. Make your block like an airplane that no one has an opponent.

Have fun in this game Collision Pilot at http://abcya.club/ to chase along with the most relaxing moments chasing the funniest enemies. Enjoy great things with your friends while participating in the quest. Explore a few more games like Math Practice Game.

Control: Use mouse to help dodge blocks.

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