Cross That Road GamePlay:

A cute dance exercise from cute little creatures. Do you want to experience the feeling of playing through the Cross That Road online game in Abcya 4 com. You will feel it love the first time you play. You will always find that much fun while playing this game. Have you ever felt that adrenaline dodged traffic while crossing the road?

Take on the role of small animals trying to reach their destination - whatever it may be - and cross as many roads, railways, and rivers as possible. You need to keep in mind a few rules. We will have fun. These little creatures can jump over all kinds of roads such as roads, waterways, railways ... On those routes there will be obstacles, there will be difficult intersections. Or on waterways, it's hard to hurry to the other side.

Your task is to find a way to help those creatures jump over safely. It can jump over boats to cross the river. On the road, there is a lot of cars traveling. You need to guide the creature to go safe, not collide with vehicles. That is your important task when playing this game. It sounds simple, but you need to focus on solving the problem as quickly as possible. The game has a lot of fun.

You can choose the flags of countries to play as you like. Are you ready to enter the online game Cross That Road at https://abcya.club/ and become the hero that draws the road for the little creature. Great opportunity for you to join some other games similar to Fishing Frenzy 2 Fishing By Words

How to play: Use the WASD keys to move, spacebar to jump.

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