Easter Hidden Eggs GamePlay:

Test your intelligence and eyesight in the Easter Hidden Eggs online game at kids games. You will discover a lot of fun things in this game. We will have a lot of levels with lots of maps to test and train our eyesight. Do you want to experience the most of those? Join us to enjoy different maps. We will be given a theme with many different pictures. And you will have the task of finding the required number of eggs for each level.

Observe the pictures well to find the eggs quickly. How many levels will you win and how many eggs will you find? Invite your friends to play and share with them the fun. You will have many impressions playing Easter Hidden Eggs online. Easter Hidden Eggs is a free online kid and hidden object game. That's 10 eggs on 8 levels. Use the mouse and click on the egg when you see one. The stopwatch is located in the lower right corner of the screen and within the allotted time you have to find and display the ten eggs in the presented figure. So if you are ready start the game and have fun.

You have the allotted time and you will play enthusiastically. You need to quickly find the required number of eggs before time runs out. If the time is up and you haven't passed, you will have to play again. The graphics are very eye-catching, all the eggs are colorful, and the picture has many different themes that will attract you. Share with friends how to play and find agility when playing. Start with some other games similar to Bird Sort Puzzle and City Builder to test your eyesight.

Game controls: Touch the screen or use the mouse.

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