Control your basketball so you can jump high above all the baskets ahead. Isn’t this wonderful? But do not be confident because there are many pitfalls ahead of you. Let’s incarnate right now into the game Egg Helix at Abcya arcade games and experience all the great things. Rest assured that it’s completely online for free without having to pay any amount. Appear with your ball.

Your goal is to rotate this pole so that the ball can jump higher on the baskets. But the trick is that you need to be able to estimate distances. If you rotate the village pillar too long then your ball will not jump high and hit the basket but will fall out. So you need to control the ball in the best way to keep it safe. Collect all the front yellow diamonds to collect all the high amounts.

Can you pass and jump to the top floor? This will be due to the skills you will exercise in this game. Let’s bring your observations and loads of fun to the level of the game to unlock lots of great things. You will train yourself a skill more. Please keep it safe until the last moment. Jumping high and precisely is exactly what you need to do right now.

Looking for a lot of great things that are only in the game Egg Helix at http://abcya.club/. It’s fun that you invite your friends to join this game so that together you can share the funniest and entertaining moments. You will have a lot more emotion when you allow yourself to join another game like Coloron


Use mouse to be able to rotate.

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