Extreme Rider 3D GamePlay:

You must drive on an unusual road. It is on a high road and there are many obstacles. In front of the path that you move are just large blocks. So they are not adjacent to each other but they will have gaps. If you are not careful driving, you will fall under the gap at any time. Then you will have to stop the game Extreme Rider 3D at Abcya for school with a low score. Don't let it happen in return because it sucks.

You have to be a player to reach the end of the road and collect a high amount of money to unlock even more interesting sports bikes. Quickly bring you a lot of fun from this game. Try to drive your car in with the smartest brain. Observe and exercise caution when starting this drive. Drive your car fast and strong to pass all the gaps to dump into the safe place. What are you waiting for quickly to start the game to be able to unlock a lot with different road levels?

Later on, the obstacles, as well as the road, will become more difficult than ever. Are you confident that you will go with your bike to the end of this road safely? I believe that if you are a smart person you can completely control the bike race. Train yourself to drive carefully and safely when participating in this mission.

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Control: Use a mouse to balance your car and drive away in the fastest way.

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