Free Rally GamePlay:

When you are playing a game… do you prefer to have freedom about how you will play the actual game? You do not want to do any quests, just roam around the map and discover interesting places? Then you are here at the right place! Huge playing area, other players which will try to crash your car, jumping over highways, demolishing all kinds of vehicles from BMW across minivan to a bus, and last but not least, races without any rules .

Do you like any of these activities? So come try it yourself and you will see that this game offers much more than this and that you will do not want to play anything else! The city is yours to drive around at your leisure you can race on the highway and see what top speeds your vehicle can reach.

Alternatively you can race through the streets and try drifting around the corners. Furthermore when other players join the server you can race against them or indeed try and smash their vehicles! Explore this vast open world and test your driving skills today!


Use the WASD or arrow keys to drive

Use F to use nitro

Use C to change camera

Use R to use horn

The Space bar to use handbrake

Use I to start or turn off engine

QEZ to use turn lights

Use K and L to control headlights

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