Frozen Jump GamePlay:

Be as tall and precise as possible to help make your character Elsa the lone survivor of this adventure. You are surrounded by snow and ice and it is already very cold. How can you overcome this path? You need to jump from one column to another. The difficulty is that these columns are very small and their distances are very long. If you are incorrect then you can completely fall to the bottom at any time and end the game Frozen Jump at Abcya girls games. Don’t let this happen because it sucks.

Let’s hurry and find yourself a lot of fun in this race. If you can jump accurately then you need to observe and estimate the distance very well. If you drag the red line too far, Elsa will be blown away with very fast force. And if you leave the line too low, you will not be able to get to the position you want. Therefore, you must estimate the distance to determine your victory in this game.

Please help your character to survive and give yourself the highest score. Safely reach the finish line and pass a lot of tall pillars with different distances and difficulties. The game has a lot of pitfalls ahead waiting for you to unlock them. How can you get back to your destination as quickly as possible?

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Control: Use the mouse to jump precisely through the fierce snowy roads.