Happy Trucks GamePlay:

Your job is to pour liquid into the tanks of this truck. You can only do it in all 30 exciting levels. Are you ready to conquer this game Happy Trucks at Abcya abc. Wishing you the most relaxing moments. For each level, there will be different and colorful trucks. All you need to do is just unlock the faucet then pour all these liquids so that they fall on the truck.

You need to estimate how much liquid comes out and stop so that they can fill up within the reach of the truck's tank. If you pour too much, you will not be able to overcome the challenge that the game offers. Try to calculate the amount of liquid that will fit into that truck to bring you through the level. This is difficult, isn't it? As long as you get familiar with the game you will be able to pass all these levels by your observation.

Take a look at the tanks of these different trucks to bring the right amount of liquid. You can't overfill this truck and you can't fill it half. Because that will never get you a high score. Unlock with more exciting levels in the back. Let's observe and use your intelligence in this game to be able to estimate and master the game Happy Trucks at https://abcya.club/. Try to fill the row of colorful trucks with liquid to help them get the happiest face.

Do not hesitate to invite your friends to join the game to share the moments of discovering the most amazing liquids. Started adding a few other similar entertainment game genres like Can You Reach 8K

Control: Use your mouse to drop an exact amount of liquid into the truck.

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