Ice Cream Cone Maker GamePlay:

Have you ever wondering how much efforts does it take to create the most delicious ice creams that you love to eat every day? If you are curious, how about taking a tour around http://abcya.club/: Ice Cream Cone Maker to find out! Only the most delicious ice creams are created here!

From the special technique of creating the crunchy cone to the sweet and fresh ice cream, all will be revealed with just one touch! Not only can you enjoy different kinds of ice creams but you can even learn to make them by yourself! In this game, you will get a step-by-step instruction which teaches you how to be an ice cream maker. First, follow the steps to combine the necessary ingredients ranging from cream, milk, butter, and others. Stir them carefully to make a smooth base.

Now, you can put this into the machine and wait. As the final step, use your creativeness and decorate the ice cream cone with sprinkles and candies! The more colorful it is the better! This will be the chance for the players to demonstrate their decorating skills with such a wide range of items from abcya for kids. This game is one of the highlights from the girl game collection thanks to its fun gameplay, easy to follow tutorial and beautiful graphics.

When you finish making one type of ice cream, why don’t you refresh the page and keep spreading your imagination with another one? Let’s start other games to meet the beautiful princesses who also love cooking like Burger Now!

Instructions: Use the left mouse to make the ice cream.

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