Smoothie Maker GamePlay:

A glass of smoothie will be a perfect choice in the heat of the summer. Come to the smoothie bar in Smoothie Maker, a new ABCya free game to enjoy this summer colorful and tasty smoothie. You can try with different combinations and flavors that you like without having to worry about cleaning up later.

First, choose the combination of fruits, flavor, and other things that you like to add to the mixer. Don't forget about the milk and sugar to make it sweet. The fruits available are diverse, ranging from tropical fruits like mangoes, lychees, pineapples to the ordinary ones like apples, oranges, and strawberries. Mix it up once you are satisfied with the ingredients inside the machine.

There is nothing difficult about this game since it's a game for kids to enjoy and learn about the combination of smoothie. After having finished the smoothies, don't forget about the decoration part to make it look tasty and eye-catching. The best part about this game from https://abcya.club/ is that there is no need to actually grab the kitchen ingredients, tools, or anything and you will not have to get your hands dirty.

Challenge your creativity with new combinations and different sets of fruits. In the cooking genre, enjoy other lovely games like Unicorn Cake Pops after you have finished this one.

Controlling keys: Click to choose the ingredients and to control the mixer.

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