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Show your bravery when stepping into the online game In Space at ABCya free games. You will be the lone warrior in this game. There are too many dangerous things around you. You will use guns to fight. You will use advanced weapons to make accurate shots. But you need to avoid your opponents or you will be bitten by them. The boxes contain high-class weapons, you take advantage of them. Try to make a difference, you need to do all that, you'll do it right the first time you play. Experiencing the feeling of being surrounded by enemies, it was horrible. But you can still get through if you prepare a fighting mentality. Enjoy some other space games similar to Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter and Space Pursuit.

Breakthrough by playing the online game In Space at Shooting Games. Start now and experience even more fun. Let's join together now! You need to try harder. In Space is a 2D top-down arena shooting game where you are on an alien planet and you have to survive against a horde of alien creatures that want to take your blood. The rules are very simple you have to survive for 10 minutes. You have your space rifle with you, but you can get experience points from defeated enemies and buy new powerups. If you can't beat the game, don't worry you can buy permanent power for your character in the shop and become stronger. 

Very unique gameplay. You will perfect your playing ability in this exciting game. Are we ready to perform those duties? You will do very well at that. Try to create something special for yourself.


Use the mouse and arrow keys to play.

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