Jewel Treasure GamePlay:

Jewel Treasure brings one of the most addictive gameplay among the options that have been added to the list of this month's new game for kids here at Abcya land! Emerge in the magical world filled with not only addictive but also an exciting adventure. Go from one level to another until you crack them all and gather all these beautiful jewels scattered on these levels.

This is a matching game in which you will be required to gather the most jewels possible according to the requirement of each level. Keep in mind that the requirement varies depending on the level as well as the difficulty stage that you are on, however, the overall theme remains to collect several jewels with specific colors and shapes. It's one of the best well-designed puzzles for kids of all ages to tackle and have fun with. Our game includes two game modes with differences in terms of gameplay and rules.

In the Level category, match the exact gems according to the requirement board to clear the stage and move forward. The goal is to ace three stars regardless of the level setting, layout, or difficulty level. For this genre, it's crucial to keep track of the target number as well as the gained ones. Monitor your progress to complete the levels in the shortest time frame with the least moves to prove your ability!

Meanwhile, in the Campaign or Endless mode, you will carry out the task of gathering as many gems as possible before your time runs out. Plenty of new games with similar puzzle game themes such as Ball Sort Halloween or Find Differences Halloween will be at your disposal here at https://abcya.club/, so take this chance and have fun online!

Controlling keys: Click on the jewels to choose and switch their positions.

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