Jungle Dash Mania GamePlay:

In this beautiful forest you will need to take on a lot of challenges and a long adventure in the game Jungle Dash Mania at Abcya free games. Are you confident you can handle all the challenges? Join now to bring you a lot of great things. A bear is running behind and they’re trying to get you. So you don’t let them achieve their goal but need to dodge and run fast in the forest. Find yourself the safest places so that the bear can’t chase you. But the game has never been so simple.

There are all the deadly traps ahead that are holding you back. You need to jump up to be able to dodge the chase of the bear below. But you need to pay attention that there will be obstacles that will slow you down and the bear will easily catch you. You need to focus and not eat those items, but eat thunder items to help you run as fast as possible. Dodge the pursuit with cleverness.

Find a safe place to help you. This long adventure will make you feel tired but just need to have focus and confidence. I believe everything will be simple within your ability. Run to the finish line safely and the bear can’t catch you. There will be a lot of fun in this adventure and the most adventurous moments. You need to be quick-witted to keep your character out of trouble.

Enjoy this together with all your friends and join together in the chase game Jungle Dash Mania at http://abcya.club/ to enjoy a most exciting adventure. Don’t forget to join a few other similar adventure game genres like Gold Miner Deluxe

Control: Use the mouse to run super fast and jump high.

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