Jelly Quest Mania GamePlay:

The puzzle game to connect 3 candies or objects of the same color and make them disappear is one of the extremely popular game genres. Jelly Quest Mania game online is one such puzzle game. However, when exploring this game, I believe you will be addicted and have to play it over and over again. The feeling of wanting to win and complete all challenges before time runs out will make you play over and over again to conquer all levels in Jelly Quest Mania at Kids Games.

It has many levels and the difficulty level of each level will be increased after each level. Your task is to connect at least 3 candies of the same color and make them disappear on the screen. A bar at the bottom of the screen will warn you that the time is coming to an end and you must make an effort before the time ends. Each level will have a fixed goal, so you need to complete that task before time runs out. Look quickly and connect as many candies of the same color to complete the task as quickly as possible.

Only when you have passed each level will a new level be opened. The challenge and difficulty level will increase, so you also need to focus and get through each level as fast as possible. If you are a fan of the puzzle game genre that connects at least 3 similar objects, then I have many similar choices for you such as Planet Explorer Addition and Bubble Sort.

Instruction: Use the mouse to connect the objects. candy or touch directly on the phone screen.

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