Planet Explorer Addition GamePlay:

Mathematics is one of the most popular subjects in most countries of the world. Mathematics gives people great applications in daily life. Explore Planet Explorer Addition to challenge your wits and discover many new planets in this world together. In this game you will encounter additions in a planet. Do a quick calculation and make a final decision by choosing an answer that has a different result than the other 3. It means you will have 4 additions, where 3 additions will have the same result and 1 addition will have a different result.

Your task is to find that other result and complete the quest to discover new planets. Planet Explorer Addition at Kids Games has no time limit in each calculation. So you don't have to put too much pressure to give the correct answer quickly. Please calculate carefully and make the correct choice. Because if you make the wrong choice, the game will end immediately. The number of points you score will be displayed under the screen and in the leaderboard. Additions will have increasing difficulty with each level so you need to focus and show your calculation skills.

This game not only entertains you but also helps you practice your math skills and the ability to associate with different numbers. The interesting point is that this game will have a boat running around and maintaining the player's life. You may also be required to watch ads and keep this ship alive. What are you waiting for? It's time to show your wits and discover some math puzzle games similar to Bubble Sort and Merge & Decor.

How to play: You just need to use mouse or touch the screen if you are playing on phone.

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