Mathpup Golf Addition GamePlay:

Golf addicts, here is the chance for you to demonstrate your perfect scoring skills with Abcya new game: Mathpup Golf Addition! It's the combination of a golf game and a math game, which means that you will need to use both the math and golf technique to win.

Mathpup Golf Addition is perfect for you! Complete all 20 holes to become the golf champion at https://abcya.club/. In order to complete a hole, the players need to make sure that they get the golf ball inside the hole before all the stars turn grey. However, the hard part is that before starting conquering a hole, you need to succeed in answering one additional question. If you can't answer, another problem will show up. If you succeed in solving the problem, you can play! It's time to use your fast calculating skills and intelligence!

Different levels are divided into three types: Easy, Intermediate and Expert. The levels only vary based on the difficulty of the additional questions. After showing off the math skills, make sure that you aim precisely with the suitable force to shoot the golf ball. Look out for the water hazards! If your ball falls into the water, you will have to start the level again!

Try your best to avoid all stroke penalties to prevent your scores from being diminished. However, collecting up to 3 bonus shots will help you reduce your shots taken on holes. Have fun with more cool games with the same theme such as Bouncy Dunk.

Instructions: Drag and release the mouse to choose the direction and the force. Click to interact with other buttons.

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