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Wok lived in harmony with their planet for thousands of years, until uninvited guests appeared on it. Help him fight the enemies while playing the Wok Planet online game at ABCya online. The aliens are not very friendly and take over most of the world. Those who couldn't hide were sent for experiments. The rest were forced to sit outside the cave waiting for a miracle. But some people are not willing to suffer defeat. They created resistance and fought against the aliens.

Become a member of the resistance, collect mechanics, and use special abilities of the pan to regain control of the planet by joining the Wok Planet online game at Adventure Games. You will take control Beat the aliens when you know the rules of the game. Together we will enjoy a lot of the fun and originality of this game. We will share that joy and novelty. The rules of the game are extremely attractive, you should enjoy them a lot. You will break out and share a lot of playing skills with your friends. We will have the experience of fighting with the enemies. They will be destroyed by weapons made by the army itself. There are many interesting games, you can play some other games similar to Crazy Boy Escape From The Cave and Super Lule Adventure.

Do you want to share a lot of unique things with your friends? Every moving chariot needs to use people on your planet to operate. Who will be in charge of the wheel position? Who will take the position of destroying the opponent? It's all up to you to choose. You need to recognize and choose the right people to complete all those tasks. The game will bring players excitement and attraction. They will scare the aliens and will disappear from the planet. The music is very lively, the graphics show the most realistic experience.


Use arrow keys to play the game.

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