Super Pixel GamePlay:

Hurry up! Don’t hesitate anymore. A new adventure is about to start. Super Pixel is an exciting platform game where you will have a lot of fun. If you like Super Mario and other side-scroller games at https://abcya.club/, you’re going to love this one. Starting from the starting point, you will go through a series of obstacles to reach the exit. It’s your main objective here. All you have is your jumping skill.

Just by jumping but if you time your jump accurately, you can pass anything that threatens your life. There are 3 levels in total and each one gives you 3 lives. You need to reach the exit with at least 1 life left to finish the current stage and unlock the new one. With a touch with a creature or trap, you lose a life. So make sure you are careful when handling them. Some creatures won’t attack you but you much watch out for the bats.

It seems they’re doing their stuff but when you come close to them, they will attack you. You can run away from them to protect yourself but you can jump on their head to kill them as well. In this cool Abcya club game, you also have another goal. It’s to reach the end of each level with the highest score possible. To earn scores, you collect strawberries and oranges on the way.

Of course, you don’t need to care about fruit and just rush to the exit to start a new adventure but this is a part of the game and considering it to be a mission makes your gaming experience better. Have fun and the following options will be your next adventure: Craft Lumberjack and Super Hero League Online.

Controls: Arrow keys to play.

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