KOGAMA Two Fort GamePlay:

KOGAMA Two Fort is a battle to the death and full of dangers everywhere. A dangerous force has invaded the earth and they are plotting to destroy humanity. They appear everywhere and destroy anyone they meet in this world. Things have begun to spiral out of control and we must unite to destroy enemies around the world. Are you ready? We don't have much time and we need to hurry to get this over with before the earth is invaded. Your task is to join the red team or the blue team to destroy the enemy. Enemies will be hiding everywhere and you need to look for them everywhere. In this world, you can observe all directions and change position in 360 degrees just like the real world. So you have to look everywhere and attack the enemy as fast as you can. They will hide everywhere and attack you by surprise from all sides. Be careful dead pit and obstacles will appear everywhere. You can fall into the pit and start a journey to find the way out. Everything is like a maze and you can easily get lost in that maze in KOGAMA Two Fort at shooting games. The scary thing is that you will have to join this battle alone because your teammates are also having to destroy enemies in other dimensions. Move carefully, look in all directions and shoot continuously when enemies appear. The number of enemies that appear can be greatly increased if you overcome the challenges in the early stages. Who will become the hero in this battle? Don't hesitate to challenge yourself in some games such as Mine Shooter: Huggy's Attack!, Agent Alpha Rate: .

How to play: W to move forward, S to move backward, A to move left, D to move right, space to jump , K to respawn, left mouse button to shoot, V to drop the weapon, E to use item, Q to holster weapon, Esc or M to move menu/quit.

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