Classic Klondike GamePlay:

Kids are usually familiar with the Solitaire or normal card games, but have you heard of Classic Klondike? It’s also a classic card game from Abc games but the gameplay is slightly more complicated, which means more challenges for you! The layout of the cards here looks like that of the other card games. The cards are placed in different decks from the top to the bottom. Can you see the special part of the arrangement?

The cards on the table will be arranged in an alternate color. You will find one black card then one red card and repeat until the end of the deck. The job is to try to build the four piles up in suit from Ace to King. These groups of cards will automatically be removed if they are in sequence down and follow the rules of alternate colors. T

he empty spaces can be filled with a King or a sequence starting with a King. By doing this, the players can build up another deck from the blank space. It’s crucial that you managed to move all the cards to four piles at the upper right corner. Also, below the pendulum are the cards from K to 1.

Don’t forget that two cards cannot be the same color. The moment all the cards are distributed to the right position on the piles, the game will be over. How long will it take you to complete this card game at http://abcya.club/?

Controls: Move the cards and distribute using the left mouse.

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