Sand Sort Puzzle GamePlay:

Start experiencing a lot of fun when participating in the online game Sand Sort Puzzle at Abcya club. Fun puzzles will make players brain damage. Need to think and spend some gray matter. Mind games always attract all players. You need to be fast to complete the task. The game is very interesting, the gameplay is simple, the rules are not too difficult. Players will find it attractive.

In this game, you should touch the cups to pour sand of the same color into different cups and sort them. By pouring color into a glass, a flower will grow on that glass. So this is a challenging game for your brain. Also, you can start the level again whenever you get stuck in the puzzle game. In the game, you will collect coins by passing each level and there is a shop where you can buy new glasses with your money.

Unlimited levels with cool items in the shop. It's great if you join the online game Sand Sort Puzzle at https://abcya.club/. You must conquer all the puzzles in this game. You will do everything well. The gameplay of the game is not too difficult. You will be provided with vases of flowers. It will contain layers of sand of different colors. You need to pour layers of sand of the same color into the same jar.

To successfully pour you will have to work many times to get the correct result. You will make those highlights and colorful flowers will grow. Vivid graphic design, you will feel a lot of fun things. Chance for you to play some other games similar to Conquer The City.

How to play: Use a mouse to play.

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