Power Light GamePlay:

The wire is being broken into many different pieces. Can you join the game Power Light at Abcya fun games online help it reconnect to form a glowing light bulb? If so, this is a great opportunity to express to you. Start on the first level. These game loads of levels behind are waiting for you to unlock. The wires are breaking and they’re being turned in a mess.

You just need to click and rotate it to the correct direction the power cord can reconnect. Then the light bulb will glow you will pass the level and start having the next level. Will luck come to you in this quest and game? I think this game is very simple if you have wisdom. More and more pieces of wire are broken. Don’t worry as long as you rotate it properly. You will win them all. Help a lot of light bulbs light up to get you a high score.

Fix all the disconnected wires that can power the bulb and complete all these tricky puzzles for fun. Seek so much for your relaxation and wisdom. Bring yourself a lot of fun from the game Power Light at http://abcya.club/. You should not keep this brain puzzle game for yourself, share it with your friends so that together have a chance to test your wisdom and start on new challenges batch.

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Control: Use mouse to connect the glow bulb.

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