Punch Man GamePlay:

Get ready for super fun fight action in Punch Man, a fighting game from Abcya games! Watch out for the herds of monsters crowding on you from both directions. Only by fighting and being strong will you be able to get out of this mess! You will be playing the role of a powerful and brave punch man whose best feature is his punch. With just one simple punch, he can defeat a monster near him.

However, the tough part in this game at http://abcya.club is that there are too many monsters crowding on both sides, which means that you need to help him out. Your decision on which side to turn will help him to push the monster away from him one by one. But if you choose the wrong side, the other scary monster will jump on him and the game is over immediately.

With this simple yet addictive game, the players can test the reflexes while trying to break all the previous records. The moment you stop punching, the monsters will attack him, therefore, you need to keep pushing forward! There is a red energy bar on top of the character showing his accumulating power. When it’s full, you can release a strong power ball to sweep off some monsters at once!

Take advantage of this feature to advance further in this game, even when you are fighting alone. Throw some powerful punches and maneuver through the herds of monsters with our hero now! Other options from the action game category are Sift Renegade Brawl and The Spear Stickman. Check them out later!

Instructions: Use the left and right arrows to choose the sides.

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