Punch Bob GamePlay:

Punch Bob is an interesting and enjoyable physics gameplay game which is playable on Abc ya games of the week! Though maybe he does not in itself appear like a hero, perhaps he's the few pounds overweight, maybe he's just out of inhalation and exhalation just standing in his corner... And even though deep in under his gigantic body is the central part of something like a true warrior!

And what exactly is his rocket launcher, you might very well curious to know? Consider leaving the bullets but rather triggers lonely! Bob doesn't somehow require weapons. He is the most effective individual living on the planet... Toss him at his opponents and enjoy their scared to death screams. When Bob slams into them, they'll understand exactly the fight is over.

Attempt to reach all of the targets with as many as possible shots as this is how you earn tokens, which you can then utilize to buy new skins, and make damn sure to advancement from one level to the next. If you can slip on the TNT packages to cause them to explode and pull the trigger items at your bad guys in case you can use this or maybe another move. Much fun!

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Hold tap to aim your jump, fireball or bomb.

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