Linear Basketball GamePlay:

Play and relax in an amazing and exciting basketball sports game that you have never been to before. If you are a fan of sports games then you should not miss this game Linear Basketball at Abcya free games because it is free online for all your computer and mobile browsers. What do you need to do in this game? Is to draw a path to help the ball fall into the basket correctly.

Is different from normal games where you need to throw the ball directly. This is a game you create a path where the ball can fall. But it is difficult that the ball from above falls very quickly. Therefore, you need to be able to estimate the time it takes to be able to determine where the ball is falling. Then draw a path and the ball can fall as quickly as possible. Isn’t that great?

But having surprises falling from above will cause you trouble. But I believe that with your quick reflexes you can create the safest path for you to fall. Drop the ball as much as possible into the basket, the higher your score will be. Unlock me to see a few other similar interesting things. Are you ready to start a new kind of basketball game? Become the top of the leaderboard that no other opponent can match against you.

Invite your friends into this basketball sports game Linear Basketball at http://abcya.club/ to help you become more active and release a lot of stress. Join a few other similar basketball game genres Tennis Masters

Control: Use mouse to be able to draw the safest paths.

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