Love Pins GamePlay:

How will you help the love birds in Love Pins to find their way back together and overcome the hardships? It’s the journey to get through the bad guys, the flaming places, the spikes, and the bombs that will kill both of them instantly! We need your help in this ABCya interactive game to come up with the best steps to win. Your job involves controlling and removing the pins in this game, also called as love pins.

The pins will be the sole walls that separate the two persons from each other and from the dangers that await them. It’s a variation of a classic puzzle game that consists of better 2D graphics, interactive features that make the players feel in control of the situation, and lovely characters. You will have to choose which pin to remove first in order to conquer two goals: keeping the couple safe and bring them back together. If you open the wrong pins, the bad guys can rob the man, the flame can kill them both or there will even be the arrows that shot at them!

The threats change depending on the levels and they will keep you on your toes. Keep searching for the best order and arrange so that the couple can be on their date peacefully. At http://abcya.club/, we provide the players with some tips that are shown on the top left corner of the game screen. These tips are for the times when you can’t think of any way to help the couple. Use them wisely and coordinate with your problem-solving skills to overcome the hardships instead.

How many dates can you successfully create for the couple in this game? Come looking for more new types of puzzles and quizzes like Casino Memory Cards and Snake Want Fruits on our free websites!

Controlling keys: Choose the pins using your left mouse button and click to remove them.

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