Huggy Love and Rescue GamePlay:

Huggy Love and Rescue is one of the most popular Poppy Playtime Games, and it would include not only the turquoise scary toy, along with the pink one, Kissy Missy, who is his main character, and whom you will have to save, as the title suggests, in a variety of breathtaking visuals of walking and running!

Use WASD or the Crossbows to move and move with Huggy, avoiding obstacles, traps, and other characters in order to reach Kissy Missy, who is chained in each level and must rescued before the lower limit bar runs out. Of course at Abcyacom games, if you reach hannah safely in time, you finalize its level. Every new realm has a more challenging layout.

Anyway course, if you reach her safely through time, you wrap up the level. Each new level introduces a more difficult layout of the dungeon you're in, requiring you to start concentrating even more to accomplish your objectives. As always, we send you our best wishes and invite you to stick over too to have even more fun!

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On PC: WASD and keyboard arrows to move and jump.

On Mobile and tablet: Tap the game buttons to move and jump.

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