Mahjong Duels GamePlay:

As one of the most elaborated and mind-teasing Chinese games of skill and strategy, we welcome new players to participate in this new Abcya club 2022 game of Mahjong Duels, which contains the best setting and layout for a Mahjong board. Since the main gameplay remains unchanged, you will be facing other players in the arena and conquering the mysterious tiles of Mahjong.

Use your intelligence and experience with puzzle games to crack this riddle before challenging more friends to see who can complete it first! Match the similar-symbol tiles together so that you get the most pairs of bamboo, digits, elements, and so on. By conquering certain checkpoints, logic, and bars, you can unlock harder puzzles and more boards of Mahjong. Do your best to gather more power-ups, boosters, and hints to keep opening up the board faster. There will be an option for the tournament in which you can participate to become the most masterful player among the bunch.

Let us guide you through this board of 144 Mahjong tiles. While you will find that there're only 136 matching tiles, find the remaining 4 flower tiles and 4 season tiles. These specially marked ones will share the same visual resemblance, even though they don't match exactly.

Any flower tile can be matched with another, as long as they maintain the same relationship within the group of images. Keep in mind that some of the tiles are hidden or overlapped by another, which means that the players need to clear out the ones that are above them first. Can you clear out the board within the shortest time as required during each set?

Join the tournament to tackle other online players and compete to get the top title! More games with similar themes, gameplay, as well as great graphics, are Builder Idle Arcade from https://abcya.club/

Controlling keys: Click to move the pieces on the boards.

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