Merge Block 2048 GamePlay:

A 2048 endless puzzle game now in 3D and with realistic physics. All will be in the challenging race in the online game Merge Block 2048 at https://abcya.club/. You will be delighted when you reach the finish line successfully. The goal of the game is to collect the infinity cube by merging the cubes with the same number. Drag, drop, throw and merge 3D cubes. Points collection. Beautiful graphics, realistic physics, merging cubes, and lots of interesting things are waiting for you. Collect an infinity cube. Your task is very simple. You will be fascinated by this game. Once you enter the game, you will be fascinated by the surprise.

The number boxes keep falling and you will feel a lot of interesting things when participating in this game. Invite your friends to try out the numbers game when playing the online game Merge Block 2048 at ABCya gams You will do very well in all those tasks. The gameplay is very simple. Press and hold your finger or pointer on the block you want. Move your finger or pointer on the screen to move the cubes. So it is necessary to merge cubes with the same number. The game is over if at least one column is filled and the counter is reset to 0. Your goal is to collect the infinity cube.

Good luck! You will continue to play and cannot stop because the numbers will fall at a very fast speed. You can also feel more new and unique things in mind games that will contribute to your brain being more agile. Match the same numbers so that they form the corresponding multiplier. The sequences of numbers will grow bigger and you will get more and more highest scores. Enjoy a lot of surprises and novelties while playing this game. You will practice a lot of reflexes with numbers when participating in this fascinating game. Drag and drop quickly to merge them. There are many more interesting games, I'm sure you will love some other games like Runner Coaster and Stacktris 2048. Instructions: Touch the screen or use the mouse to play.

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