Slidey Block Puzzle GamePlay:

Slidey Block Puzzle at Abcya 100 games is a puzzle game involving jigsaw puzzles. This game is not too difficult but will require the player to have a careful calculation and arrange the square blocks in a reasonable position so that they disappear together on the screen. This game is divided into many different levels and each level has a required number of points that you must pass to unlock other rounds.

Challenging other rounds will be more difficult and the score will also increase significantly. One plus point of Slidey Block Puzzle is that you won't have any time limit so you will have plenty of time to think and make correct decisions. Slidey Block Puzzle at https://abcya.club/ will end when the colored blocks get higher and higher and reach the limit of each level. So you should solve the color blocks at the end first and arrange them in all positions and make them disappear together as much as possible.

The difficulty level of Slidey Block Puzzle will also increase significantly after each round. Therefore, you can also practice skills and increase your ability to handle situations in the fastest situation. A note for you is that this game does not distinguish colors of the same type. You can arrange them any and as long as they can blend and disappear instantly.

Do your best to avoid creating a lot of holes between the color blocks, as they can be very difficult to fit other color blocks into. Are you ready to explore more similar games? Play Pineapple hit and have a great time with your friends now!

Controls: You only need to use the mouse to play or use your toes to tab on the screen.

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