MineStrike.fun GamePlay:

One of the latest and most interesting multiplayer Io game has arrived. Don’t wait! Enjoy now and you will hook. MineStrike.fun brings you to a battlefield filled with heroes. There, each hero will fight to become the last survivor. And it’s also your goal. At Abcya 4kids, grow in size means you become stronger to deal with enemies. Grow up by eating cakes, cookies and everything you find on the map.

It’s the most important thing you should care about when you are still a small one. Watch out those poisonous potatoes because consuming them makes you reduce your experience and your size. You will not want to be small after all the effort you put into collecting food and growing up, right? To survive longer, it’s better to attack smaller enemies and avoid those who are bigger than yours.

On https://abcya.club/, you should stay away from the bigger ones to have a better chance to stay alive. If you come close to them, they will use their powerful weapon to kill you and then, they take your experience. One more thing you should notice that if you run for a long time, your experience will be decreased. If any enemies approach you and you find that you can’t deal with them, you can accelerate to escape their onslaught. However, your experience will decrease as you speed up.

So, just apply this strategy when you are in danger. Keep eating and fighting to stay alive. Good luck and entertain yourself in other games such as SeaDragons .io and Hexagame .io.

How to play: Mouse to move, left mouse to attack and right mouse to speed up.

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