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Color pencils have appeared a lot on this road. What do you need to do? To know then join the game Pen Run Online at Abcya 2 games online now. They are thrown out very messy. So you need to participate to receive these crayons and put them in the box. You need to move the color pen first then go on this path. Collect colored pencils around to become a long line. When you collect enough you can collect them and put them in neat color boxes, right?

Participating in this game can both entertain and give you a lot of new relaxing moments. These colored pencils are popping up a lot on the road. All you have to do is come and move. But the game has never been so simple. At the next level, there will be obstacles that make it difficult for you such as books, notebooks, cups, and countless other things. If you are not lucky enough to touch the character all day, you will lose the pencils you have just collected.

Try to avoid them as far as possible to ensure your number of pencils will be as many as possible when you reach the finish line. Take the opportunity to combine as many of your ingenious skills as possible. Take part in a quick game of observation and skill matching trying to get you the full amount of pencils and games required. Pass all the levels then you will become at the top of the leaderboard.

Invite your friends to join this game Pen Run Online at https://abcya.club/ so that together can have fun and have fun with all the funniest pens. You can discover a few more similar game genres like Funny Shopping Supermarket

Control: Use your mouse to move all your crayons.

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