Turn the mask into the most beautiful fashion accessory to help the princess become more beautiful. Join now in a game genre Princess Design Masks at Abcya baby games that has just been released, you will feel extremely attractive. First, you need to make up the princesses. Please choose a pink part to help her become more beautiful. A tight red lip will suit this girl very well. You can choose to add eyeshadow, eyelashes. A pair of neatly drawn eyebrows will make her face sharper. Last but not least is wearing contact lenses.

After completing the quest with the princess you will know how to start designing her fashion. At first, the game will only give you a regular mask. You need to choose a color and details. A lot of beautiful and cute textures are appearing in this game. There are so many textures you can choose which one will make her the most satisfied.

The images provided or the strawberry motifs will make her mask even more fashionable. You can do whatever you like in this mask design mission. Lots of fun stickers and rhinestones. Choose a color and pattern for your mask decoration will greatly enhance your mood and entertain you. A purple mask with many textures will make her the most unique in the eyes of the beholder.

Join this game Princess Design Masks at http://abcya.club/ with all your friends to design the most unique masks ever. Join a few other similar fashion design game genres like Dolls Surprise Kinder Eggs.


Use your mouse to choose all the stickers you are interested in.

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