Roof Rails GamePlay:

The road in the air is a great place for you to challenge your adventure. Come to this game Roof Rails at Abcya for school you will feel a lot of new things in the game gives you. Enjoy it now. Appeared on a street in the air with tall buildings. There is only one stick beside you to help you overcome the challenge. Do you believe it?

Collect a lot of gold coins that appear in this game. You can jump up from one path to another. There were small sticks that appeared on the road. You need to collect it so that your stick is long enough to swing over the bars to help you safely to the next path. If your club is too short you won’t be able to move. you will be an instant loser. Try to focus on the game and dodge as many obstacles.

There will be sharp serrated teeth moving around you to saw away from your stick. But once you’ve focused on the game and shown your skills, you can completely dodge it wisely. Begin to experience new paths. The longer the stick, the more you can safely hang on the ground without fear of anything. You can unlock tons of new levels and new paths. Obstacles are a very bad thing. Please try to dodge it at any time.

Invite your friends to join this game Roof Rails at https://abcya.club/ to start experiencing an adventure of collecting the smartest sticks. You can enjoy a few more words from other similar entertainment games like Puzzle Ball Rotate

Control: Use arrow keys to move your character dodging obstacles.

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