Sentry Guardian GamePlay:

Sentry Guardian is a strategy game that has some features similar to the tower defense games. You have to kill enemies and protect your gate. The differences are that you don’t have many types of towers to place on the map and them auto-attack enemies. Here at Abc ya com, you have to shoot at enemies by yourself. If you go through this gate, you die. So try your best to protect it at all costs, although this is a challenging mission.

You fight alone while your enemies are crowded and they are different in the way of attack. As you level up, more powerful enemies will come. So it’s important to upgrade yourself whenever you have enough money. You earn money by killing enemies and completing each mission. You can upgrade your health, your fire rate, and your damage. Besides, other power-up items will be unlocked as the game processes.

On https://abcya.club/, you must aim and shoot accurately and kill enemies at the time they appear because they move so fast and they can approach your gate and destroy it at ease. Some enemies attack from far away from the gate such as wizards. You can shoot at the spell to block it from affecting your gate. One tip to kill enemies effectively is to click on them. If you click on them, you never miss but if you aim by yourself, the chance you fail is high.

One fight against hundreds, whether it’s possible. Make it possible at all costs. Good luck! Don’t forget to find and check out other options to play whenever you have time. Some of the best ones for you are Minecraft Remake and Best Friends Adventure

How to play: Click on each enemy to shoot.

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