Sporos GamePlay:

Shape your mind for an infectious virus-themed game genre. You can play this game Sporos at Abcya free games 2021 comfortably rest assured that it is completely addictive for you the first time you join because of its attractive gameplay. Your task in this game is to plant viruses and hosts to infect them. This is a puzzle game. Wish you have a lot of fun moments when participating in the game.

The viruses are at the top. So what you need to do is plant these viruses on the bottom. but requires that they all be transplanted into the empty cells. If you can’t make these blanks filled with viruses, you won’t be able to conquer the challenge. You need to think about how these viruses, when placed in these circles, will produce virus rays. Then it’s thinking hard to put them together.

This is a very interesting puzzle game. You need to think and answer the puzzle correctly to pass the level and unlock the next level. With a simple but eye-catching graphic design, great gameplay. You will be the game sister that gives you a lot of fun to relax. This is not a stressful puzzle game, but it can completely help you relieve the pressure after tiring working hours.

Why do you not invite your friends to join such an interesting game Sporos at http://abcya.club/ so that you can have a lot of fun moments together. Usually add a few other similar puzzle game genres like Raft Shark Hunting.

Control: Use the mouse to be able to correctly place all the viruses on the bottom.

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