Steve On The Platform GamePlay:

Get on the task with this new option for kids who love a bit of pixelated adventure such as Steve On The Platform! This latest addition to the game list of ABCya land com free will be one of the best platform games to not only gather the required coins and scores but also avoid slipping into traps or holes. You will guide Steve on the journey to travel through the mountain and jungle, while finding out the hidden coins, lives, and objects on the blocks.

You need to jump on time to avoid the holes and reach for the coins to gather them. Once you have progressed to a certain point in the game, there will be more obstacles than just basic landscapes. From sweet monsters to floating guards and hidden keys, you need to either overcome them or locate them to stay alive in the game.

A level ends when you manage to escape from the sweet monsters in the game, find the key and enter the door to go to the next level! Each level has a different range of obstacles as well as a unique theme for you to explore. The core of this game shall be the art of jumping and moving at the right timing. Once the new objects show up on your path, make sure to prepare for a counterattack or interaction.

Enjoy this intuitive 2D gameplay with the cutest monsters and pixelated theme at https://abcya.club/ without any cost! Plenty of new games such as Slime Ball will bring the new world of gaming to you with just a click!

How to play: Jump and double jump using the W key or Up arrow, go left using the A key or left arrow and go right using the D or right arrow. Interact with the mouse cursor.

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